Descripción de la clase de Español.     curso 2018 -2019             


                              Maestra: Sra. R. Arrondo-

                          Página de internet: arrondorita.webs.com

   Correo Electrónico: [email protected]    teléfono: 305-821-2460 Ext. -

                                                                         Room 23

Cursos de Español a Nivel de Secundaria

 Material Escolar Requerido:        

                                                 1 pack of color pencils             

1 Pocket folders and one file folder.                     Highlighters

1 Pack of Writing Paper                                       1 pack of tissues

                                                                                               1 notebook deberá escribir con tinta ( negra o azul )                                              

Descripción del curso de español para hispano-hablante                        

Los tres niveles del curso de español para e1 hispanoparlante han sido desarrollados como un medio de exponer  a el estudiante al conocimiento del idioma como tal. Para poder realizarse esto, será necesario emprender los siguientes componentes del idioma: La gramática y la lectura. Luego para enriquecer  aun más el conocimiento del estudiante se le presentaráa el componente literario y cultural. As! dándole la oportunidad de llegar a conocerse asimismo culturalmente y a conocer otros  que comparten su mismo idioma: el español. Llegara a tomar en cuenta que el idioma español de cada país posee similitudes y diferencias entre ellos, dándole la oportunidad de conocer a los demás países que forman la hispanidad, que entre todos somos  aproximadamente veinte. La literatura se usará como vía de comunicación para dar a conocer lo histórico y creativo de la literatura y la cultura hispana

                                                                      Literatura cultural integrada al curso de Español.
  • El nuevo programa Santillana cuenta con la  1ra parte 1A Donde estudiarán las raices de diferentes países incluyendo México, Puerto Rico , Guatemala y Perú) 
  • La 2da  parte 1B Donde estudiarán España , Estados Unidos , Argentina y Chile.
  • Cada unidad tiene 4 Desafíos donde desarrollarán Vocabulario, Gramática, Comunicación a través de la Cultura y sus conexiones.
  • Al final se estudiará al Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote De La Mancha atendiendo al grado y nivel del estudiante.
  • Algunos proyectos también serán asignados 
    • La evaluación a través de la escala tiene las siguientes categorias en valor numérico  ( cuantitativo y cualitativo.

  • 100-90  / 3.50-4.00 A 
  • 89-80   / 2.50-3.49 B 
  • 79-70   / 1.50-2.49 C 
  • 69-60  / 1.00- 149 D 
  • 59-0   / 0.00-0.99 . F 


La tarea se dará siempre cuando la leccion emprendida se haya completado ademas de algunos proyectos programados en cada unidad.

También al no terminar la asignación del día se llevará de tarea. *(Tarea no entregada a tiempo se le bajará dos notas.)

Los exámenes se darán de la siguiente forma: Al completar cada Unidad se dará un examen. Se dará un examen al final de cada unidad .Habrá un examen de medio año y un examen al final del año escolar.


Course Title: Comprehensive Science 1,2,and 3

Teacher: Mrs .Arrondo

Room 23

School Year: 2018-2019


Welcome Students

I am looking forward to an exciting school year. Actively participating in class discussions and projects, completing assignments and displaying appropriate behaviors are the keys to a successful school year. Following class rules and coming to class on a regular basis will establish mastery of all skills taught and learned.

Course Description

The goal of this course is to provide students with opportunities to study and explore the concepts of Life/Biological Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Earth/Space Science and the Scientific Process. Students will be able to recognize their connection and impact to the environment and become motivated to participate in making educated decisions in our society as scientific literate citizens. The Florida State Standards and the National Science Standards will be implemented throughout this course.

Required Textbook

Pearson Interactive Science

Interactive Science Notebook (ISN)

Students will have an ISN to be utilized for Science class exclusively.

Number each page of your ISN notebook from 1-200 on the top corner of the page. Ripping pages out of your ISN notebook is strictly prohibited. If you do so, you will be penalized with a lower grade.

If you make a mistake when using the ISN, please do not rip out the page. Take s separate piece of paper, cut it to the size of the ISN’s page, repeat your work and paste or tape it on the damaged one. Write your page number again.


Daily attendance is a vital component in successfully completing all instructional goals. If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to find out what work was missed.

Make-Up Work

The student must arrange to complete missed work within five school days from his/her return. Assignments, assessments and participation points not made within five school days will receive a zero.

Classroom Conduct

Since each student and situation is unique, instances involving minor misconduct will be handled as each situation demands. However, all policies set forth in the Student Handbook will be strictly enforced in the classroom

We will RESPECT one another by:

R-Raise your hand to be acknowledged.

E-Expect to be recognized as an individual.

S-Students will be mindful of one another’s property.

P-Peers will assist one another.

E-Everyone will treat one another the way they would be wanted to be treated.

C-Come to class fully prepared with materials and ready to learn

T-Talk to express your concerns.

Grading Scale 

Grades will be based on Daily Assignments, Quizzes, Tests, Homework, Projects, Lab Performance and Report as well as Baseline and Interim Assessments.  


1 Composition Notebook.                                             

1 Pack of Writing Paper                                               1 hand wash (lab activities)

1 Pocket folders and one file folder.( yellow for 6th grade, red for 7th grade and blue for 8th grade )

1 pack of pencils

1 pack of pens


1 pack of tissues

Class Routine

Every class session will begin with an “Essential Question” activity which will be posted on the board.

Every assignment must have a proper heading and must include a title which will be provided by the teacher. No name will result in no grade.

Every assignment will be completed in your Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) unless directed otherwise.

Tests will be given at the end of each chapter/concept.

Science Fair Project

Every student is expected and required to complete a Science Fair Project as part of the curriculum. This assignment will begin during the first marking period and will be due in the second quarter. The grade on this project will have a heavy load and impact on the final grade for the second marking period. And may result in a “F” if a project is not turned in.

Once again, I welcome you to the class and let us have a fun, safe and educational school year. If further assistance is needed, I can be reached using the information below:

Mrs. Arrondo

Science Teacher

Palm Springs Middle School

1025 West 56th Street

Hialeah, Florida 33012

305-821-2460 Extension  –Room 23

[email protected]t /arrondorita.webs.com